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November 28, 2010
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I couldn't help myself! After seeing this I really wanted to join this group (despite right now with exams prob being the worst timing to do something like this -_-). I really wanted to make a girl for this one since my first OC is a young boy with girlish features and my second is a very masculine guy.

The drawing looks different I find compared to it before I transferred it onto the character sheet but oh well. The original is linked at the bottom.

Name: Esilia Rhode
Species: Pegasus
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Job: Worker/ Florist
Talents: -Flower arranging
-Amazing sense of direction
- Botany

Personality: Overall, Esilia is a kind person, even towards strangers. She is the type of person who would go out of her way to help people even if she is little or no help at all. Despite her kindness though she is not afraid to giving someone a good scolding no matter who it is (I'm sure she would even give a god a scolding too if needed).
One thing about Her is that she expresses all of her emotions on her face, so she is a terrible liar which is prob why she tries to avoid situations like that.

Flower Arranging- Due to her parents Florist shop, since she was a child Esilia loved flowers and would often bring home bouquets she made for her mother. She eventually learned from her mother the art of flower arranging and took over her families flower shop.

Amazing Sense of Direction: Despite her age, Esilia`s wings haven`t grew to their full length and potentially never will. Because of this she is unable to actually fly so she walks everywhere, even from country to country. So to make up for her inability to fly she eventually adapted with the ability to memorize her surroundings, mind you, it doesn`t mean she can`t get lost.

Botany- Her father in his spare time was a Botanist and Esilia grew to love this different type of plants. She is no where near being a Botanist herself but she does have a good grasp on simple remedies and the components of plants.

History: Esilia grew up in Elavernis country in the Emerald City with her mother (a Nekomata) who owned a Florist, and her father (a Pegasus) who was a warrior and on the side enjoyed Botany. Her child hood was never tragic, in fact, she always tried to think in a positive manner even at a young age. Esilia enjoyed growing up in Elavernis but she always loved to travel with her father and mother to the other countries though it was not always a smooth trip considering her habit to roam away from her parents. Often they would find her stuck in a tree or fallen asleep in a remote area and of course she would get a scolding after! It's just a shame that her father could never give it to her since he was week against his daughters face so Esilia's mother was the one to always put her foot down.

As she got older Esilia took after her fathers looks but soon her parents began to realize her wings stopped growing. It's not uncommon for a baby from two different species to have a bit of a defect from time to time and sadly this was Esi's. They brought her to a doctor and was told that she either is a late bloomer or never will have full wings to fly. Esilia felt a little sad after hearing this but as always began to think on the positive side.

As she got older her Father was transferred to a military facility at Garnet City in Risohli country when she turned 19. Her mother was sad she couldn't be with her husband so Esilia proposed that she take over the shop and her parents both leave for Garnet City.This at first worried her parents considering how weak their daughter is, Esi can handle herself a little bit but could never go on a full on fight and come out on the winning side. Despite this she was always cheerful and tried to be independent so her parents never had to worry about her due to her once-in-a-while clumsiness.Her parents eventually gave in. She now goes back and forth from Elavernis to Risohli visiting her parents while maintaining the store.

Additional information:

-is horrible at fighting! The only way she could ever defeat someone is by sneaking up behind them and whacking them on the head.

-likes singing

-Bara is like an older brother to Esi and he would sometimes escort Esi to other countries. He also dislikes guys getting close to her and gives them deathly glares.

-Calyx, despite being a year younger then her acts like an older brother to her. They are very friendly and on good terms with one another.

-Would often bring flowers to the Gods and Rulers of each Country, especially Lumeria.

-Gets flustered/embarrassed easily.

-She likes to drink with friends (<-so out of character) but can't hold her liqueur and when she is drunk, she has a tendency to.....unconsciously strip =-=

-She will talk to anyone, even if she is scared of you. ;)

Original piece along with a couple sketches -> [link]
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Kristl-Air Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i was suprised as the song started xD how do you done that? xD
btw she soooo beautiful *w*
LilithEsper Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
haha yeah, tends to surprise everyone XD
Kristl-Air Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
^^hehe yup, do you used a special programm for the music?
LilithEsper Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012
not one in particular, I just placed it in Flash mx
Kristl-Air Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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LilithEsper Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011
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Did you know they are re-doing Ragnarok online to to be the exact same as the original Ragnarok online but with just better graphics. :iconloveloveplz:
Akiyama-Lhant Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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